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What does our Education Committee do?

As older generations retire, maritime job openings are skyrocketing. The partnership between the Tampa Propeller Club and the Hillsborough County School District helps cultivate the next generation of maritime workers.

Our education committee has the exciting opportunity to actively champion the growth of the next generation of maritime employees and leaders. Since 2011, our Education Committee has collaborated with the Hillsborough County Public School system through its popular maritime education program at Jefferson High School.

In the program, students are able to participate in activities that prepare them for jobs in the maritime industry, and further education at maritime academies, maritime technical schools, technical schools, community colleges, or beyond. Our Education Committee partners with co-directors John and Judy Paradis to help support the program by volunteering, finding companies to provide job shadow programs and promoting the annual maritime job expo.

Meet our Education Committee

Pictured: Co-Director Judy Paradis of the Jefferson High School Maritime Magnet Program is interviewed by Kim Droege with "Connecting with Kim."

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Recent Student Success Stories!

Pictured: Co-Directors of the Jefferson High School Maritime Magnet Program, John and Judy Paradis proudly posing with Senior Adrian who will be joining the U.S. Coast Guard and Senior Jordan, who will be attending United States Merchant Marine Academy.

Jefferson High School Senior, Jordan Washington celebrates at a special ceremony on Monday, April 17, 2023, after being accepted and signed to attend the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

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Donate to our Education Outreach Fund

Throughout the year, we ask for small donations for our Education Outreach Fund, which provides funds for the students to go on field trips and order marketing materials for the program like (professional pamphlets, pens, keychains, stickers and more!) To donate, log into our Propeller Club portal and click on "Make a Donation" and enter any amount you are willing to donate.

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